Business park benefits from continuous investment and improvement - Mamhilad Park Estate Business park benefits from continuous investment and improvement - Mamhilad Park Estate

Business park benefits from continuous investment and improvement

Russell Nutman

Business parks have been a key component of the commercial property market since the mid-twentieth century with many like Mamhilad having become thriving communities that create successful innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems.  

Of course, it is the accessibility of our location and the beautiful setting that is what often first draws occupiers to Mamhilad but that doesn’t mean that we rest on our laurels. Far from it. Behind the scenes, our estates department is busy delivering on our long-term investment programme that has the backing of the Board of Johnsey Estates. 

Remaining competitive and ensuring that Mamhilad Park Estate continues to play a central role in the local economy means that we’re currently in year two of a five-year maintenance programme that will see a step change in our facilities.  

We’re upgrading and refurbishing our office suites so that we can offer a wide range of flexible building types that can support increased high-technology uses. We’re investing in further charging points for electric vehicles, energy efficiency, on-site energy generation and additional car parking with 150 new spaces.  

You’ll also see that we have upgraded the entrance to the park ready for the introduction of our new automatic number plate recognition system which is coming soon. We’re also about to let a new unit at the front of the site with work on Brecon House now also well-underway. We’re replacing all windows and the prominent office building will be jet washed and painted over the next few weeks. It already has a new roof, new insulation and a new boiler that are all helping to improve energy efficiency. 

As a matter of course, we are now insulating all of the new roofs that we install and we are also insulating the ceilings on the top floors of all buildings to minimise heat loss. New windows are all A rated with K glass so they retain heat but eliminate UV rays. 

Other measures to help improve sustainability and reduce our carbon emissions include reducing waste as a result of our new compactor. We are now recycling all waste cardboard. All of the lighting in our control has been replaced with LED, and we are actively encouraging our occupiers to switch to LED. In some instances, we are pleased to have offered free labour for the installation with occupiers paying for the lights using discounted trade rates. We’re also looking at ways in which we can recycle our waste water. 

As always, we’re completely hands on and it is our own directly-employed team that is carrying out the work on-site. We’re proud of Mamhilad and the thriving community that we have here. That’s why we’ll continue to invest; doing what’s right for our occupiers, our local economy and our environment.  

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