Celebrating International Women’s Day - Mamhilad Park Estate Celebrating International Women’s Day - Mamhilad Park Estate

Celebrating International Women’s Day


It was 1956 when Wendy Nutman first started working for Newport-based TA Johnsey. 

 At just 14 years of age she was employed by her first cousin the late Terry Johnsey in an administrative role to support his haulage business. 65 years on and 81 year old Wendy is still with the company as a Non-Executive Director having formally retired from her role as Company Secretary in 2016.  

 Wendy recalls her 65 year career with Johnsey: “I don’t think there are many people who have done 65 years with one company and are still working at 81. It’s certainly been a journey.  

 “Terry first set-up Johnsey Estates to develop land in Newport for the haulage business. He went on to acquire various sites including Leeway Industrial Estate as one of Wales’ first industrial parks. I gradually took on more responsibility as the business grew but the real turning point was when we began purchasing the shale for Llanwern. That changed the company forever and by 1958 we had become a limited company. 

 “Terry was a very shrewd business man but he also loved show-jumping. In fact, his daughter Debbie represented Great Britain at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. That gave him great pride and I always loved hearing the stories about their successes,” adds Wendy. 

 By 1986, Wendy was Company Secretary of Johnsey Estates and the company had purchased Mamhilad Park Estate in Pontypool, part of the ICI/DuPont complex which extends to approximately 43 acres and includes 500,000 sq.ft. of office and industrial space. The popular business park is now home to over 180 different occupiers, employing some 1800 staff on-site.  

 With three-children, six grandchildren, three great-grand daughters and a great-grandson on the way, life has certainly been busy for Wendy who lives in Newport. However, she still finds time to fulfil her role as a Non-Executive Director of Johnsey Estates, attending regular board meetings and remaining actively involved with the business.  

 Wendy said: “I’ve got so many memories and so many stories over the years – Johnsey Estates really has been a huge part of my life. I’m really proud of all that we’ve achieved and take real pleasure in still being able to contribute  to the business. There’s been times that work has felt like it has aged me but it certainly helps to keeps me young now.” 

 Chairman of Johnsey Estates Andrew Wilkinson adds: “Wendy is a true inspiration and brings real value to the business in terms of her knowledge and experience. She’s an excellent counsel to the Board and certainly helps to keep us focussed on our core values of service and value as we continue to invest in our property portfolio. 

 “From England winning the football World Cup in 1966 to the launch of the world wide web in 1989 – Wendy’s career has included so many pivotal moments in time and that’s before we even get to more recent events like Brexit and Covid-19. 65 years of work, never mind with one company, is a remarkable achievement and we’re incredibly grateful for her unwavering dedication and support.”