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Managing the cost of doing business

Soaring energy bills are fuelling a ‘cost of doing business crisis’ as businesses grapple with the triple whammy of rising inflation, wages and raw materials.  

Indeed, the headlines don’t make easy reading and it is therefore understandable that businesses are looking for every opportunity possible to reduce costs, particularly given that the current volatility doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.  

We’re certainly seeing a real increase in demand for our office space with more occupiers looking to take advantage of the flexible and fixed rent packages that we offer. The certainty that comes with our all-inclusive flexi-rent packages really does help from a budgeting perspective.  

With office sizes ranging from 180 sq.ft upwards, our flexi-offices are priced to include utilities with only fibre optic broadband charged according to individual requirements. This proves to be very cost effective.   

Other benefits of choosing our flexible packages include being able to design the lay-out of your office space. This means that you can create a space that suits your needs and reflects your culture, with furniture provided if required. It offers control  while also having the flexibility to increase or decrease space according to business need. Simply turn up and plug in! 

Our fully serviced offices are ideal for those who are limited with time, resources or budget . All aspects of the management are included as part of the fixed monthly fee. This means there will be no extra costs at the point of moving in or out which is helpful from a budgeting perspective.  

Whatever the requirement, all of our office space comes with free parking, security, waste and recycling facilities, access to meeting rooms, cleaning of communal areas and beautifully maintained landscaped grounds. There is also the café on the park, gym and nursery along with our newly recreated and popular DuPont Dacron Nature Trail.  

If you want great facilities with cost transparency, flexibility and agility, then come and talk to us at Mamhilad Park Estate. We can tailor-make a range of solutions to suit your size, sector and growth strategy – all at a price that will give you real value during this cost of doing business crisis.