Park life offers new outlook for Stephens Wilmot Solicitors after office move from industrial setting - Mamhilad Park Estate Park life offers new outlook for Stephens Wilmot Solicitors after office move from industrial setting - Mamhilad Park Estate

Park life offers new outlook for Stephens Wilmot Solicitors after office move from industrial setting

Stephens Wilmot Solicitors have a completely new outlook after moving their business  to a parkland setting in Torfaen.

The expanding legal firm swapped life on an industrial park for a new one at Mamhilad Park Estate, near Pontypool.

With more than 180 occupiers on site, Johnsey Estates-owned Mamhilad Park Estate offers 1.5 million square feet of office and industrial space including the former Grade II* listed Nylon Spinners complex

Stephens Wilmot Solicitors Partner, Dan Wilmot, said it was the best move the firm which handles property conveyancing, litigation and wills & probate, had made since it was established in 2017.

Dan, joint partner in the business with fellow director Rob Stephens, said: “We were originally based on an industrial estate in Cwmbran but moved to Mamhilad Park Estate in December.

“At our former location there was limited scope to network with other businesses and potential clients. While we source some work nationally, we saw the relocation to Mamhilad as an opportunity to highlight awareness of Stephens Wilmot and foster some relationships with some of the businesses in the local community.

“We currently employ 16 staff. We are taking on two more for conveyancing team this spring and will be taking on a further two people in administrative roles. We think our new location will be more attractive to potential staff due to the on-site facilities such as the café, gym and nursery; the free parking and easy access. And the well-maintained grounds give the surroundings a lovely feel.

Dan says the ‘feel’ of the business park best reflects the professional ethos of the practice.

“We have around 1800 sq ft which we thought would be ample when we first planned our move but we are already running out of space to accommodate  further staff.

“Ease of access, excellent on-site facilities, opportunities for networking with other local businesses and the ability to expand into new premises without needing to relocate away from the Park, are real benefits of this location. The last one particularly looks like it could be very important for us as we want to build a long-term future here.

“The range of suites and offices at Mamhilad Park Estate provide us with opportunities for growth in the coming years. The easy access and parking will be attractive to both new staff and clients while the excellent IT and support facilities on site mean we can focus more of our time on what we do best, providing good quality legal services.

“In addition to all of the above, a big factor was Johnsey Estates themselves, who were clearly, genuinely interested in our business and keen to help us get set up and running on site. They invested time in us at the outset which we really appreciated and which in our minds set them apart from other potential landlords we had spoken to. We hope to enjoy a long relationship with them.”

Johnsey Estates Operations Manager Peter Downes said the company is particularly satisfied to have  grown its occupier list over the past months while keeping safety at the forefront of its operations.

Peter said: “We have been very pleased with the sustained buoyancy of our enquiries.  We have grown our income by about ten per cent during the last year, despite the pandemic, by listening to our occupiers and adapting their space to suit circumstances.

“The fact that we work with our occupier is a key feature in setting us apart from the market, not least as we are based on site.

“Stephens Wilmot Solicitors were impressed with the business diversity at Mamhilad and I’m pleased that we’ve made the move easier for them due to our on-site management team.

“They were also impressed and happy with the fast and reliable internet, so important to their business, with the parkland setting and the fact that they are able to park right outside their new office for free.”

Peter said: “When taking a flexi-office at Mamhilad Park Estate there are no barriers to entry and there are no-upfront costs when signing up to rent an office. We are currently offering a 20% discount on our flexi office rents as a thank you to existing occupiers during these difficult times, which is proving very popular for new and existing occupiers. The private and quiet offices at Mamhilad are supported by high-speed internet connectivity, allowing occupiers to focus on work without distractions.

“Plans are in place to create more flexi-office spaces for small to medium-sized businesses. We are one of Wales’ fastest growing business communities and we plan to keep improving to maintain that position.”