Specialist renal dialysis at Mamhilad - Mamhilad Park Estate Specialist renal dialysis at Mamhilad - Mamhilad Park Estate

Specialist renal dialysis at Mamhilad

Up to 60 patients a day are now attending B|Braun Avitum’s specialist kidney dialysis unit at Mamhilad Park Estate.

Those suffering from chronic kidney disease require dialysis sessions three times a week. Each session is around four hours. As one of five units that Braun operate under contract with the NHS Board in South East Wales, the facility means that local patients don’t have the additional inconvenience of travelling to Newport.

Braun opened the unit in 2017 after winning a 10 year contract to deliver services for the NHS. The company is a specialist provider of dialysis equipment, consumables and clinical expertise. Their contract runs from 2017 to 2027; providing dialysis services for over 400 patients in North Cardiff, South Cardiff, Llantrisant, Newport and Pontypool. They now employ 18 nursing and healthcare staff at Mamhilad.

Finding the right location for each dialysis unit was critical for Braun because of the high-quality clinical environment required for patient services. Phil Stollery, Business Project Manager for Braun explains: “At the time of tender we undertook a detailed search of the local commercial market. It quickly became apparent that Johnsey Estates were a dedicated landlord who would be committed to working with us to ensure we could achieve a high-quality clinical facility in a prime location.

“The 6600 sq ft building provides a self-contained environment with independent access. As our landlord, the Johnsey team have worked with us to accommodate our specialist clinical requirements including water treatment facilities. Patients have easy access, free car parking and a lovely café on site. It’s a great location and we definitely made the right choice.”