2022: The year in review - Mamhilad Park Estate 2022: The year in review - Mamhilad Park Estate

2022: The year in review

Andrew Wilkinson Chairman

It is fair to say that 2022 has not been an easy year for many as the cost of living and the cost of doing business continues to impact us all.  

It should go without saying that we are sensitive to these challenges and mindful of the need to keep working with the business community here at Mamhilad to invest in our facilities while maintaining our flexible and value driven approach, particularly as the economic outlook does not provide much reassurance.  

With businesses looking for every opportunity possible to reduce costs, we are seeing a real increase in demand for our work space with more occupiers looking to take advantage of the flexible and fixed rent packages that we offer. New occupiers this year include KFP Total IT Solutions, Invenio Systems and OTL Group – all of whom value our campus style setting and range of facilities on site.  

Meanwhile, some of our long-standing occupiers are enjoying strong growth as part of our flourishing business community. Design-led automotive engineering company MS-RT is gearing up for expansion with the aim of tripling turnover to £66 million by 2025 while Quote Detective is now the UK’s leading specialist in non-standard motor insurance. They employ over 100 people at Mamhilad and have more than doubled their office space to over 7000 sq ft in the last three years.  

As we look forward to 2023 and beyond, we will continue to invest in Mamhilad so that we can offer the choice, flexibility and opportunity that businesses need.  We are also working hard to minimise our environmental impact – future proofing our business, building resilience and supporting our local communities with a long-term investment programme for the benefit of existing and future occupiers.   

From EV charging points for electric vehicles to the introduction of new energy efficiency measures that are helping to reduce our carbon emissions, we are doing all that we can to embrace the journey to net zero and will continue with this good work in 2023.  

We are also hoping that more people will take advantage of our new woodland walk. At just under one kilometre long, the original DuPont Dacron Nature Trail was officially opened in June 2022 and is the perfect trail for a leisurely stroll during the day. It is being maintained by our gardening team and is home to 25 nesting boxes that were built and installed by local conservationist Richard Evans of  Project Nestbox. Our hope is that the nest boxes will attract amber listed nesting birds including pied flycatchers and redstarts.  

As the year draws to a close, I thank all of our occupiers, colleagues, friends and suppliers for your continued support this year. We know that there are challenges ahead which is why we’ll continue to do what is right for all. 

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and look forward to working with you in 2023.