Florist is turning green - Mamhilad Park Estate Florist is turning green - Mamhilad Park Estate

Florist is turning green

Kristy set up Dear Valentina Florist at Mamhilad Park Estate due to the location, the setting and the favourable terms available for the office space. The mum-of-two from Pontypool said: “The location is ideal, the environment is lovely and the space that I have for the business is perfect, especially for a start up.”

A creative florist concentrating on weddings and large-scale events Kristy also provides floral bouquets for birthdays and special occasions. “The location here is ideal as we are no more than 40 minutes from some of the top wedding locations in South Wales which I serve.

“The footfall in the business park is also great with more than 1,800 people here. I have a lot of custom from other people on the park which is environmentally friendly as customers don’t have to travel out to get a bouquet or some flowers.

“I have been here for almost two years now and the business has grown steadily in that time. It’s ideal for me as I have a daughter who attends the on-site nursery.

“There is 24-hour, 365-day-a-year access which is brilliant for me as my hours can be all over the place. I can still be here some nights getting a wedding order together at 11pm or quite early in the morning. Johnsey Estates couldn’t be more accommodating.

“I’d love to be able to benefit from the lift share scheme which has just started but as my hours are so erratic, I couldn’t guarantee any regularity. Although I don’t really fit the model, I still think it’s a really good idea. I use the restaurant which is very handy and if I ever have time, I’d love to use the gym.

“The green measures being taken by Mamhilad Park Estate are very welcome. I am aiming to become more environmentally friendly myself as a business.

“I am having a brand redesign which should hopefully be launched early next year. These will use biodegradable floral foam, cellophane and gift bags. I will be introducing a returns scheme for customers to send back their cellophane and ribbons waste for re-use – all measures I am really excited about.

“I am also going to introduce a scheme where customers can return packing to me for disposal. I suppose the green measures the business park is taking and have plans to introduce may have acted on me as a bit of a spur.

“It’s certainly very welcome to know that the place where you have your business is so green and is looking to take more positive steps to become more and more environmentally aware which can only be a good thing.”